Hindu Indian Girl Names Starting with A

Hindu Girl Names Starting with A - Find the unique & popular baby Hindu sanskrit girls names starting with A with Hindi & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Hindu girl names starting with A for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number. Meaning of top Hindu Girl Names Starting with A includes Anaya meaning Without A Superior, Misfortune, Adversity; Angel meaning Messenger from God; Angel; Pari; Anushka meaning Grace, Favour, Flower.

Popular Hindu Indian Girl Names Starting with A with Meaning

Anaya Without A Superior, Misfortune, Adversity Hindu
Angel Messenger from God; Angel; Pari Hindu
Anushka Grace, Favour, Flower Hindu
Aaradhya Worship; Worship Goddess; Like a God Hindu
Anshika Minute Particle, Beautiful, Pretty Girl Hindu
Anika Goddess Durga; Grace; Favour; God is Gracious; God has Shown Favour Hindu
Anjali Join Hands; Palms Together; Offering with Both Hands; An Angel; Offering Hindu
Aanya Different; Goddess Durga; Graceful Hindu
Ananya Limitless Feeling; Endless; Beautiful Star; Matchless; Nice Hindu
Anvi One of the devis names, Name of a Goddess Hindu
Akshita Wonder Girl; Seen; Wonderful Girl; Permanent; Constant Hindu
Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, the First rise of the Sun Hindu
Ankita Baby of Sun; Marked; Lovable; Conquered; A Signet; Symbol Hindu
Aadya One who is Always First and Best; Name of Adisakthi; Parvathi Hindu
Aarohi A music tune; Progressive; Evolving Hindu
Afrin Encouragement; Praise; Blessing Hindu
Ayana beautiful flower” or “eternal blossom, goal, direction Hindu
Anisha Pure; Grace; Continuous; Day; Supreme; Variant of Anne or Agnes Hindu
Arpita Dedicate; Presenting; Offered Hindu
Aadhya First power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another ornament Hindu
Anamika The One without a Name; Ring-finger; Person who does Not have Name Hindu
Aarvi Peace, tranquility, calmness Hindu
Aashvi Blessed and victorious; Little Mare Hindu
Anju One who lives in the heart; Beloved, Lively Hindu
Adrija Goddes Laxmi; Of the Mountain; Another Name for Parvathi; Daughter of Himalaya Hindu
Avika Sunrays; Charismatic personality, Charming, Fascinating Hindu
Anaisha Special, noteworthy, remarkable, outstanding Hindu
Aditi Mother of God; The Earth Hindu
Aarushi First Ray of Sun Hindu
Anwesha Invention; Quest; Love Hindu
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Hindu Girl Names Starting with A - You've probably been looking for names since day one, and you've got the good news of a new family member. Everyone keeps two-three selected names for their upcoming little angle. As naming is a prime responsibility every parent search unique, meaningful names. We searched carefully and looked up the names of the Hindu Girl starting with A letter with its meanings. With suggestions on names based, culture and superstitions, you can choose the name of the Hindu baby girl of your choice.

Now, it is much simpler for you to search Hindu Girl Names Starting With A. If you want to name your baby girl from any specific alphabet so you are at the right place, we have lots of unique names starting from alphabet A. Not only names you can find the meaning of the name, the origin of the name, and lucky no associated with the name.

How are the people whose name starts with A?

A is one of the most powerful letters and if the name of the baby starts with it, they are determined, enterprising, and brave by nature. They are very confident in your abilities and they are always on the lookout for adventure and activity. They like to run this show on your terms and try to be the backbone in any situation.

Hindu Girl Names Starting with A - Find beautiful and unique names of Girl with alphabet A. Browse a huge list of Hindu baby Girl names with alphabet A along with all information. Good luck in hunting a suitable name for your baby starting with "A". Check out the complete list of Hindu baby names with the letter A.


I named my son Aftab so he can shine throughout his life....

Mon 05 Oct, 2020

I found this name is quite interesting, if name effect the personality than this would be the best name to name a child.

Tue 22 Sep, 2020

Aarti name posses some very strong feelings, IDK y i always found it so powerful name. Aarti name meaning is also quite nice

Sun 20 Sep, 2020

It is a beautiful name used in both religions Muslims and Hindu.

Sat 19 Sep, 2020

Aarti is unique and popular name.. i heard this name first time in TV . at that time i like that name and i find this name meaning from here

Sat 19 Sep, 2020


Fri 18 Sep, 2020

Aalia is a very nice name and it means highest social standing.

Tue 08 Sep, 2020

Aarti is my best friend i share everything with her. she gives me nice ideas and suggestion

Tue 08 Sep, 2020

I never heard this name Aadarsh before. I got to know about it from this page and i get all detail about this name

Mon 31 Aug, 2020

I love this name Anaya. because of my Parents given my name so I love this name and i search my meaning from here easily

Mon 10 Aug, 2020

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