Muslim Boys Names Starting with K

Baby Muslim Boys Names Starting with K - Find the unique & popular baby Muslim Boys Names Starting with K with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Muslim Boys Names Starting with K for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

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Muslim Boys Names Starting with K
Kaadih - قاضيه Kaamil - کامل Kaan - --
Kaashif - کاشف Kaazim - کاظم Kabaark - كبارق
Kabar - کبار Kabeer - کبیر Kaber - کابر
Kabir - کبیر Kadar - کدر Kadeem - کدیم
Kadeen - كدين Kaden - کادین Kader - قادر
Kadin - کادن Kadir - قادر Kafeel - کفیل
Kafi - كافي Kafil - کفیل Kahdim - خادم
Kahil - كاهيل Kahill - كحيل Kahleil - کہلیل
Kahlil - کہلیل Kahrama - -- Kaif - کیف
Kaifi - كيفي Kaisan - كيسان Kajji - كج
Kalam - کلام Kalb - قلب Kalbi - كالبي
Kaleb - کلب Kaleel - کلیل Kaleem - کلیم
Kalil - کلیل Kalim - کلیم Kalim U - کلیم الدین
Kalimul - كالإملله Kaliq - کالق Kamaal - کمال
Kamal - کمال Kamalud - كاملدن Kambiz - کمبض
Kameel - کمیل Kamil - کامل Kamish - كاميش
Kamran - کامران Kamshad - کمشاد Kamyar - کمیار
Kaneez - کنیز Kanifa - کنیفہ Kaniz - کنیز
Karaama - کرامت Karam - کارم

Muslim Boy Names Starting with K - Find beautiful and unique names of Boy with alphabet K. Browse huge list of Muslim baby Boy names with alphabet K along with all information. Good luck in hunting suitable name for your baby starting with "K". Complete list of Muslim baby names starting with letter K. Checkout Newly & Popular names by alphabets at

Reviews on Muslim Boys Names Starting with K

Is it popular name

Saira , Staffordshire Sun 11 Nov, 2018

The most beautiful name of all times. Reminds me Prophet Musa (P.B.U.H) every time. The righteous way and knowledgeable personality.

Muhammad Ahsan Naeem , Karachi Wed 31 Oct, 2018

My name is Sunny Ul Islam and as I know my name’s meaning is Zenith of Islam. Can you please confirm this.

Sunny , Delhi Tue 30 Oct, 2018

my 3rd child is a boy and i name him KABEER. i m very bless ful to have him.

shaikh shabbir ahmad , jhansi up india Sat 27 Oct, 2018

By this online way we easily get check out the whole details about the Khalid name meaning who we easily get to know that authentically

naylla , multan Mon 22 Oct, 2018

Here we have the Khurram name whole meaning and their lucky number too with the whole name meaning as we need to know that

alishba , multan Mon 22 Oct, 2018

i search this name by reading the history of Karbala, keyaan was the best friend of Mukhtar-e-saqafi who took the oath to get revenge of pak Imam hazrat immam hussain. Keyaan martyred many munafqeen of koofa.

keyaan , lahore Sat 20 Oct, 2018

My name is khurram shahzad

Khurram shahzad , Lalamusa Fri 05 Oct, 2018

ماشأاﷲ بہت خوبصورت نام ہے اور بہت زیادہ نایاب بھی

منیب , لاہور Fri 28 Sep, 2018

plzz tell me you know kasham name meaning in every language

kasham , karachi Mon 24 Sep, 2018