Muslim Boy Names Starting with W

Alphabetical starting of names are important for some people like starting with W. Muslim Boy Names Starting with W represent Muslim masculine names in Islamic society and the world. Top Muslim Boys Names Starting with W includes most trending names like , Waqas, Waqar, Waseem, Ward and Wasim. Meaning of top Islamic Quranic Boy Names Starting with W includes Waqas meaning Solider, Warrior, Warlike, Combatant; Waqar meaning Dignity, Sobriety, Majesty, Veneration, Dignity, Gracefulness..

Popular Muslim Boy Names Starting with W with Urdu Meaning

Waqas Solider, Warrior, Warlike, Combatant وقاص
Waqar Dignity, Sobriety, Majesty, Veneration, Dignity, Gracefulness. وقار
Waseem Graceful. Handsome. Good Looking. وسیم
Ward In american meaning is : Guard ورد
Wasim Handsome وسیم
Waleed Newborn Child. ولید
Wahab Servant of the Bestower, Bestowed, This attribute of Allah(SWT) وہاب
Wali Governor, Lord ولی
Wasif The Definition واصف
Waris Deserved وارث
Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity, Respect, Esteem. Credit. وجاہت
Wahid Singular, Unequalled واحد
Wajid One Who Finds (Origin Arabic) واجد
Waheed Unique, Single, Exclusively, Unequalled وحید
Walid Newborn Child والد
Wasi Bequest What Happen وصی
Wahaj Light, Is Very Bright وہاج
Wejdan -- وجدان
Wisal Communion In Love وصال
Wajib Compulsory, at the necessary واجب
Wazir Minister, Vizier وزیر
Wamiq Loving, Friendly وامق
Wasiq Irrevocable, strong واثق
Wajih Noble, Eminent وجیہ
Wafi Faithful, Loyal واقی
Wase Wide Spacious واسع
Wail In Sindhi meaning is : Returner. ولی
Wakeel Agent, Representative. وکیل
Wajeeh Variant Of Wajih: Notable, Eminent, Noble وجی
Wasil Inseparable Friend واصل
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Muslim Boy Name Starting With W

Muslim Boy names starts with alphabet W are very common among the parents. Every parent related to any religion tries to find the best possible name for the baby however Muslim parents are more focused on beautiful Boy names as well as meaningful Boy names for their babies. Popular Boy names starting with W hold amazing names and personality traits that affect positively on one's nature. Your search is about to end here for Muslim Boy names starting with W on this all-rounder page that has a variety of names.

Here we have gathered all the Muslim Boy names starting with W to cater to the need of parents looking for Boy names starting from the W alphabet. A huge list of unique Muslim Boy names from W letter is mentioned here with its meaning, origin, lucky number, and all the related information. Parents can now easily reach to the sahabi Boy names starting with W to select the best name for their little one. Check out an updated list of Muslim baby names starting with W here. Islamic Boy names starting with W are also mentioned as this portal is providing a huge range of names from all the alphabets.


can anyone help me? i like name wasi

Tue 04 Aug, 2020

Waseem name is unique name.. i like this name very much.. i found this name meaning from here

Wed 01 Jul, 2020

Waqas is my friend name... he is very good in play cricket.. and very nice personality

Wed 01 Jul, 2020

so happy

Waqar Nazeer
Sat 07 Dec, 2019

I love m name❤😘😍

Thu 14 Nov, 2019

from book

Wed 23 Oct, 2019

Wasiq sandhu From Pakistan i was searching the meaning and lucky numbers related to my name

Wasiq sandhu
Wed 21 Aug, 2019

Yes it's true I think

Waheed khan
Sat 10 Aug, 2019

I need a name whice means inspiration

Sun 04 Aug, 2019

please could be disccuse me why this name meanings ecome handsome

Sun 21 Jul, 2019

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