Muslim Boy Names Starting with W

Welcome your new baby with a special collection of Islamic names that are ideal for him. These are unique names and give your child a sense of individuality. These names, which reflect their cultural heritage, are ideal for your little one because they capture them the most accurately. The meanings of modern Muslim baby Boy names beginning with the letter W are presented in a concise and user-friendly format. You can make use Hamariweb if you're looking for the best Muslim Boy name with the letter W for your child.

Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With W

Waqas Solider, Warrior, Warlike, Combatant وقاص
Waqar Dignity, Sobriety, Majesty, Veneration, Dignity, Gracefulness. وقار
Ward In american meaning is : Guard ورد
Waseem Graceful. Handsome. Good Looking. وسیم
Wasim Handsome وسیم
Waleed Newborn Child. ولید
Wahab Servant of the Bestower, Bestowed, This attribute of Allah(SWT) وہاب
Waris Deserved وارث
Wasif The Definition واصف
Wali Governor, Lord ولی
Wahid Singular, Unequalled واحد
Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity, Respect, Esteem. Credit. وجاہت
Wajid One Who Finds (Origin Arabic) واجد
Walid Newborn Child والد
Waheed Unique, Single, Exclusively, Unequalled وحید
Wasi Bequest What Happen وصی
Wahaj Light, Is Very Bright وہاج
Wejdan -- وجدان
Wisal Communion In Love وصال
Wajib Compulsory, at the necessary واجب
Wazir Minister, Vizier وزیر
Wasiq Irrevocable, strong واثق
Wamiq Loving, Friendly وامق
Wafi Faithful, Loyal واقی
Wase Wide Spacious واسع
Wasil Inseparable Friend واصل
Wajih Noble, Eminent وجیہ
Wakeel Agent, Representative. وکیل
Wail In Sindhi meaning is : Returner. ولی
Wajeeh Variant Of Wajih: Notable, Eminent, Noble وجی
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Islamic Boy Name Starts With Letter W

The birth of a baby boy is the first bright and inspiring second in becoming a father or mother. The festival begins the moment a child is born. Even though the baby is named, Muslims, like any other culture, hold mainstream informal ceremonies. One of the first responsibilities of the elderly is to name their children. Muslim parents prefer to give their son Islamic or Quranic boy names. It is now very simple to find Muslim boy names starting with W. However, beginning on page W, this is an excellent portal to the names of Islamic boys.

The alphabet W is a letter with a lot of symbolism in astrology. W Letter recognizes that life is full of changes and that humanity is constantly confronted with one problem or another. Finding the solution to the problem is critical to survival. These are trailblazers, torchbearers, researchers, teachers, and those who show others the way. They are natural leaders, motivators, and ideological visionaries who understand their natural abilities. Here is a list of boy names beginning with W and their meanings. Find beautiful and unique names for the Boy with the alphabet W. Browse a large list of names of Muslim boys alphabetically with all the information. You can also see Pakistani boy names starting with W. Be lucky to find a suitable name for your child starting with "W". A complete list of Muslim baby names starting with W is updated here. Islamic boy names starting with W are also mentioned here. This portal is providing a huge variety of names from all the alphabets.

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Review & Comment

Wasif is a nice name and my name is Wasif too. I like my name alot

  • Wasif, Karachi
  • Thu 27 Oct, 2022

Waleed was my fiance name he is half Arab and half Filipino and luckily he is now baptist as a muslim and practices islam

  • Stephanie , Philippines
  • Mon 16 May, 2022

I have selected this name for my beloved son . this Page is very helpful for me

  • Hammad, karachi
  • Tue 21 Sep, 2021

Wasi name is very unique and popular and its name meaning is easily available here

  • Wasi , Lahore
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

My younger brother's name is Wajid, its a great name with good traits.

  • Sajid, Islamabad
  • Sat 28 Aug, 2021