Muslim Boy Names Starting with X

Welcome your new baby with a special collection of Islamic names that are ideal for him. These are unique names and give your child a sense of individuality. These names, which reflect their cultural heritage, are ideal for your little one because they capture them the most accurately. The meanings of modern Muslim baby Boy names beginning with the letter X are presented in a concise and user-friendly format. You can make use Hamariweb if you're looking for the best Muslim Boy name with the letter X for your child.

Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With X

Xavier Bright زیویر
Xerxes Monarch اخسویرس
Xubair Strong, firm, powerful, intelligent, wise زوبیر
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Islamic Boy Name Starts With Letter X

The name is the eternal identity of anyone. Around the world, 360,000 babies are born every day and they are all the same until they find a special identity. Muslim parents are more concerned about providing a good name according to Islamic teachings. Sometimes there is a base to find the name from a particular word for baby boy, so we have collected some amazing and modern boy names starting with X.

People named with X letter are intense and very creative. They think that 'out of the box' is the real solution to any problem that they, or the people in their lives, may face. They have very active imaginations and value freedom and fun in their lives. They strive to fulfil the role of society and need freedom of expression in their unique way.

This page offers you the names of boys starting with the letter X. For your convenience, the names of all Islamic or Muslim boys with X can be seen on this website. If you want to give a name to your little angel other than this alphabet you can visit this amazing website. Check out an updated list of Muslim baby names starting with X here. Islamic Boy names are also mentioned as this portal is providing a huge range of names from all the alphabets. All you have to do is to just log on to, type 'names' on the search bar and it will link you directly to your desired task. List of Muslim baby boy names with alphabet X is the collection of the latest and trending names of Islamic boys.

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Review & Comment

Xaviar is a new and unique name. Its meaning is also nice. I like this name

  • Tina, Canada
  • Thu 27 Oct, 2022

A unique way of writing a common name, i see many people opting for this spelling as opposed to the other one starts with Z.

  • Farjad, Hyderabad
  • Sat 28 Aug, 2021

it is actually a unique name i have heard it for the first time. Xavier names meaning is also nice

  • Arman, Islamabad
  • Wed 20 Jan, 2021