680 Muslim Boy Names Starting With H

Alphabetical starting of names are important for some people like starting with H. Muslim Boy Names Starting with H represent Muslim masculine names in Islamic society and the world. Top Muslim Boys Names Starting with H includes most trending names like , Huzaifa, Hamza, Hamdan, Hasan and Haris. Meaning of top Islamic Quranic Boy Names Starting with H includes Huzaifa meaning Wise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companion; Hamza meaning Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man.

Popular Muslim Boy Names Starting with H with Urdu Meaning

Huzaifa Wise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companion حذیفہ
Hamza Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man حمزہ
Hamdan Praise Worthy, The Praised One, Variation Of The Name "Muhammad" حمدان
Hasan Beautiful, Gentle, Handsome Man, Grandson Of Prophet حسن
Haris Vigilant, Watchman, Cultivator, Agnomen Of Lion حارث
Husnain Elegant, Handsome Boy, Combined Name Of Prophet’s Grandsons حسنين
Hammad Praised, Admirable, One Who Praises حماد
Hashir One Who Assemble, Collector, Prophet’s Name حاشر
Hussain Good, Handsome, Beautiful حسین
Hadi Guide, Leader, God’s Sanctuary Name, Mentor ہادی
Haider Lion, Virtuous, Fortunate, Brave Man حیدر
Hanzalah Pond, Water, Ditch, name of companion on Prophet حانزالہ
Hunain Name of a valley between at-Taif and Mecca حُنین
Hassan Handsome, Good, Benefactor حسن
Hooman A Character In Shahnameh ہومن
Hazrat Presence, Dignity, Power حضرت
Haseeb To calculate the elderly حسیب
Hannan Kind, Compassionate, Tenderhearted, Sympathy, love حنان
Hashim Name Of Prophet Mohammed'S Grandfather. Old Arabic Name. Generosity. ہاشم
Hamim 7 Surah Of The Quran Begin With The Letters Ha And Mim, It Means 'known Only To God' According To Jalaluddin Al Suyuti. حٰم
Hossein Good, handsome, beautiful حسین
Hayat Life. Existence. حیات
Habib Dearly Loved. حبیب
Haroon Hope ہارون
Hadid 57th Surah of the Quran, iron هاديد
Humayun Blessed, Auspicious ہمایوں
Hayyan In Sindhi meaning is : Lively, energetic. حیان
Hasaan Handsome, good benefactor حسان
Hamid Praising (God), Loving (God) حامد
Hafi Affectionate Compassionate Another Name For God حافی
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Muslim Boy Name Starting With H

Muslim Boy names starts with alphabet H are very common among the parents. Every parent related to any religion tries to find the best possible name for the baby however Muslim parents are more focused on beautiful Boy names as well as meaningful Boy names for their babies. Popular Boy names starting with H hold amazing names and personality traits that affect positively on one's nature. Your search is about to end here for Muslim Boy names starting with H on this all-rounder page that has a variety of names.

Here we have gathered all the Muslim Boy names starting with H to cater to the need of parents looking for Boy names starting from the H alphabet. A huge list of unique Muslim Boy names from H letter is mentioned here with its meaning, origin, lucky number, and all the related information. Parents can now easily reach to the sahabi Boy names starting with H to select the best name for their little one. Check out an updated list of Muslim baby names starting with H here. Islamic Boy names starting with H are also mentioned as this portal is providing a huge range of names from all the alphabets.


Haider is common and popular name and it has multiple meaning and correct detail of this name given by this page

Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Husnain is a beautiful name and From the Islamic point of view is the most beautiful name to give to your child

Wed 31 Mar, 2021

Hassan name meaning is as beautiful as this name pronounce. I found it quite pleasing name

Thu 25 Mar, 2021

Haider name is my friends name and i just loves this name

Thu 25 Mar, 2021

Haider is strong name that signifies the bravery and courage. even Haider name meaning is also amazing.

Ali Haider
Thu 25 Mar, 2021

My name is Hammad and i was searched many sites to know my name meaning , i found my name meaning from here

Thu 18 Feb, 2021

Hamza is very Nice name . i recommend to everyone to visit here for the best experience and every correct details

Mon 15 Feb, 2021

Whenever i listen this name Haris.. it makes me feel very good due to its unique pronounciation

Fri 12 Feb, 2021

Haider is associated with the bravest man of Islamic history. Haider would remain my favorite name till my life

Zarik Haider
Wed 20 Jan, 2021

This is one of the unique name.. but i thinking i consider this name to my niece name ..

Thu 10 Dec, 2020

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