Catholic Baby Names Born in 2023

It takes inspiration to come up with a name for your child, and your faith may be a phenomenal source of inspiration. You could want to pick a name that expresses your affiliation with your Catholic faith if you feel particularly attached to it. Names like Mary and Theresa for girls and Dominic and Paul for males all have Catholic roots.

Catholic baby names are also very common for unisex names like Micah and Angel. Find a name that resonates with you by browsing the list of Catholic baby names born in 2023 below. As you begin your search for a baby's name that is Catholic, bear in mind that there are many different avenues you could take. Look for a name that resonates with your spirit, whether you choose the name of a revered saint, an angel, or any other Catholic baby name. Additionally, you should make sure the name you pick complements the baby's last name.

Best Catholic Baby Names Born In 2023

Names English Meaning
Shane God is gracious
Devil Accuser, slanderer
Ariel Lioness of God
Andy Man warrior
Evaan God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles
Margaret Jewel
Jennifer White wave
Erica Feminine derivative of Eric; Meaning - Brave ruler, Ever powerful
Fiona Vine
Alisson Woman of the nobility ; truthful ;having high moral character

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