Abrahem Name Meaning in Hindi

Abrahem is an English-originated Christian Name, Abrahem Name best meaning is Father of a mighty nation in English and its Hindi meaning is एक शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र के पिता. Abrahem name consists of 7 letters and the associated lucky number for Abrahem is 3.

Abrahem Hindi Meaning
Name Abrahem
Gender Boy
Meaning Father of a mighty nation
Origin English
Lucky # 3 ?
नाम Abrahem
लिंग लड़का
अर्थ एक शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र के पिता
मूल अंग्रेज़ी
भाग्यशाली अंक 3 ?
Abrahem Name Meaning in English
अधिक समान नाम ( More Similar Names )
Christian Boy Names Starting with A

Abrahem Meaning in Hindi

Babies are the blessing of God for parents. They are the reason for happiness and add cherished moments to parent's life. To name these beautiful souls here we have come up to help you with amazing names and their meanings. Selecting a name always brings a lot of research and excitement. Hindu parents often give preference to names that are both modern and popular for babies. Abrahem is a snazzy Hindi Boy name that is adored by everyone.

Abrahem name meaning in Hindi is एक शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र के पिता. Abrahem is an amazing Hindu Boy name that is quite popular among Hindus living in India, Pakistan, or across the globe. This name is originated from English language. It's one of the best names for a baby because it's not only lovely but also significantly meaningful.

Abrahem name meaning in Hindi describes the main traits of the personality of a baby could be. So parents can select if the Abrahem name is the perfect fit for their Boy or not. Its lucky number is 3 and this is highly popular among the new parents. Check out more Hindu Names for your child on the related page as these are given with complete details regarding it.

Other Languages

Abrahem ek hindu ladke ka naam hai aur yah hindi bhaasha ka naam hai, Abrahem naam ka hindi arth hai एक शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र के पिता.

Abrahem Meaning aur Rashi/Arth in Hindi

हिंदी में Abrahem नाम अर्थ - नाम का अर्थ एक शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र के पिता है। इस लड़का का नाम है। जड़ों और नाम की उत्पत्ति अरबी भाषा के साथ जुड़े हुए हैं। नाम का अर्थ अच्छा है और माता-पिता अपने नवजात बच्ची को Abrahem नाम दे सकते हैं। भले ही आप लोगों को जो जल्द ही माता-पिता बनने जा रहे हैं करने के लिए इस नाम का सुझाव कर सकते हैं।, जो अनूठा नाम है और उनके नवजात बच्चे के लिए इसका अर्थ पा रहे हैं के लिए उनके अर्थ प्रदान करता है। christian लड़कों और लड़कियों के नाम शब्दकोश और सहित भाग्यशाली संख्या Abrahem का अर्थ क्या है के साथ हिंदी में उनके अर्थ।

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Abrahem is common in united stats many Muslim guys like to keep this name i have met many newly Muslim guys and some of my Muslim neighbors like this name it sounds good.. my friend name is Abrahem his nick is AB Rem

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