Muslim Boy Names Starting with MUHAMMAD

Welcome your new baby with a special collection of Islamic names that are ideal for him. These are unique names and give your child a sense of individuality. These names, which reflect their cultural heritage, are ideal for your little one because they capture them the most accurately. The meanings of modern Muslim baby Boy names beginning with the letter MUHAMMAD are presented in a concise and user-friendly format. You can make use Hamariweb if you're looking for the best Muslim Boy name with the letter MUHAMMAD for your child.

Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With MUHAMMAD

Muhammad Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT) محمد
Muhammad-taqqi Early Imam (Leader) Of Islam محمد تقی
Muhammad In Hindu meaning is : Moonshine محمد
Muhammad Ali Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT), Eminent, Noble, High In Rank محمد علی
Muhammad-taqqee Variant Of Muhammad Taqqi: Early Imam (Leader) Of Islam محمد تقی
Muhammad Ayan Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT), God Gift محمد ایان
Muhammad Umar Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT), Long Life, Popular محمد عمر
Muhammad Hannan Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT), Beautiful, Compassionate محمد حنان
Muhammad Maaz Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT), One Who Demands محمد معاذ
Muhammad Waseem Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT), Beautiful محمد وسیم
Muhammad Shakeel Appreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT), Stylish, Fashionable, Beautiful محمد شکیل
Muhammad Mehdi Praiseworthy محمد مہدی
Muhammad Hassan Appreciated, ,Handsome, Good, Benefactor محمد حسن
Muhammad Ahad Praiseworthy GlorifiedOne, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God محمد احد
Muhammad Saad Praiseworthy GlorifiedFelicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck. محمد سعد
Muhammad Zayan Praiseworthy Glorified,Beautiful, Hospitable, Graceful محمد زیان
Muhammad Faiz Appreciated, ,Victorious, Conquering, Triumphant محمد فیض
Muhammad Azlan Praiseworthy Glorified,Lion, Brave, Courageous man محمد ازلان
Muhammad Aabid Appreciated, ,Worshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows محمد عابد
Muhammad Anas Praiseworthy Glorified,Affection, Love, Pleasant Companionship محمد انس
Muhammad Waqas Appreciated, ,Solider, Warrior, Warlike, Combatant محمد وقاص
Muhammad Shahid Appreciated, ,Witness, Observer, bystander, Beloved محمد شاہد
Muhammad Faizan Praiseworthy GlorifiedGreat Beneficence, Charity, Favor, Graceful Man محمد فیضان
Muhammad Adil Appreciated, ,Justice محمد عادل
Muhammad Omar Appreciated, ,Long-lived,Elevated,follower Of The Prophet. محمد عمر
Muhammad Hamza Praiseworthy Glorified,Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man محمد حمزہ
Muhammad Haroon Appreciated, ,Hope محمد ہارون
Muhammad Khalid Appreciated, ,Eternal, Immortal, Never-Ending, Everlasting محمد خالد
Muhammad Junaid Spiritual, Young Fighter, Warrior,Appreciated محمد جنید
Muhammad Shahzad Appreciated, ,Son of King, Prince, Nobel man محمد شہزاد
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Muslim Boy name with M

Muslim Boy~ names starts with alphabet M are very common among the parents. Every parent related to any religion tries to find the best possible name for the baby however Muslim parents are more focused on beautiful Boy~ names as well as meaningful Boy~ names for their babies. Popular Boy~ names starting M hold amazing names and personality traits that affect positively on one's nature. Your search is about to end here for Muslim Boy~ names starting with M on this all-rounder page that has a variety of names.

Here we have gathered all the Muslim Boy names starting with M to cater to the need of parents looking for Boy~ names starting from the M alphabet. A huge list of unique Muslim Boy~ names from M letter is mentioned here with its meaning, origin, lucky number, and all the related information. Parents can now easily reach to the sahabi Boy~ names starting with M to select the best name for their little one. Check out an updated list of Muslim baby names starting with M here. Islamic Boy~ names starting with M are also mentioned as this portal is providing a huge range of names from all the alphabets.

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Review & Comment

Very good name my brother name is mushfiq

  • Afzal, Lucknow
  • Sun 15 Jan, 2023

M also Misbah!'s really superb name of girl's... I'm really thankful to my Mama jani who gave me such beautiful name from the name list of last Prophet....

  • Misbah Urooj, Bahawalpur
  • Fri 30 Dec, 2022

Meerab name meaning is very attractive. This is such a beautiful name of girl which I like most The page has quite interesting names

  • Hammad, Lahore
  • Fri 14 Oct, 2022

The most beautiful name in entire world is Muhammad. Being a Muslim i respect this name alot and love this name so much

  • Atif Aslam, Bahawalpur
  • Wed 12 Oct, 2022

There is the great page to find every name and its meaning. i found Maaz name meaning from here

  • Kulsoom , Islamabad
  • Tue 06 Sep, 2022