Christian Girl Names Starting with Alphabet A

Parents looking for Christian Girl names starting with A have reached the right place. All Christian names for Girls starting with the A alphabet are mentioned here. It would be helpful for parents to search trending Girl names easily starting from A. Now a day’s Alice, Annabelle, and Aislinn are more liked names by parents. For other names along with meaning parents can visit this entire page for Christian Girl names with A.

Christian Girl Names Starting with Alphabet A

Alice Noble or kind Christian
Annabelle A form of annabel Christian
Aislinn A dream or vision ; an inspiration Christian
Anaya God answered Christian
Annie Grace Christian
Audrey Noble strength Christian
Alisson Woman of the nobility ; truthful ;having high moral character Christian
Amy Loved Christian
Avery elfcounsel Christian
Alayna Rock Christian
Anaaya Look up to god Christian
Alisha A form of alicia Christian
Amanda lovable Christian
Alissa Truth, noble Christian
Annya A woman graced with god Christian
Anastasia Resurrection Christian
Azura skyblue Christian
Athena One who is wise ; in mythology , the goddess of war and wisdom Christian
Arleth A form of arlette Christian
Alis noblesort Christian
Ashly A form of ashley Christian
Ayla Oak tree Christian
Adeline A form of adelaide Christian
Ailish Consecrated to god ailsa - concecrated to god Christian
Ashley Which means ash tree meadow Christian
Ammy Dearly loved Christian
Anny A familiar form of anna Christian
Alize Joyful Christian
Alvina Friend to all; noblefriend Christian
Alicia A form of alice which means noble Christian
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my mom give this name

Tue 15 Dec, 2020

Arden is my grandmom's name, she is the most humble person.... Arden name meaning is also very pretty

Mon 21 Sep, 2020

Aanya is my sister's name and she is very genius as per her name.I really like this name

Sat 19 Sep, 2020

this is a beautiful name.... i will name my daughter ADDA

Sat 19 Sep, 2020

Aniya name ka meaning full nhi ata

Tue 05 Nov, 2019

beautiful sweet and simple i want to keep this name

Mon 26 Nov, 2018


Sat 03 Nov, 2018

what is the meaning of anaya

Fri 03 Aug, 2018

Mi nombre y su origen

Sat 30 Jun, 2018

Its a beautiful name

Gisela Mwenda
Fri 29 Jun, 2018

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