Christian Girl Names Starting with G

Parents looking for Christian Girl names starting with G have reached the right place. All Christian names for Girls starting with the G alphabet are mentioned here. It would be helpful for parents to search trending Girl names easily starting from G. Now a day’s Gwen, Ginger, and Gali are more liked names by parents. For other names along with meaning parents can visit this entire page for Christian Girl names with G.

Christian Girl Names Starting with G

Gwen fair, holy, white Christian
Ginger maiden Christian
Gali Spring, fountain Christian
Giana God is gracious Christian
Glory glory Christian
Grace Good will Christian
Gracie A familiar form of grace Christian
Goldie A familiar form of golda Christian
Gretel pearl Christian
Ginna A well- born woman Christian
Gwyneth One who is blessed with happiness Christian
Ginny A familiar form of ginger, virginia Christian
Gabriella man of God Christian
Glenn valley Christian
Gretchen pearl Christian
Georgina A form of georgia Christian
Gail Merry, lively Christian
Genny race of women Christian
Gena Woman Christian
Gypsy Wanderer Christian
Gisselle Hostage ; pledge Christian
Gabi From the name gabriela Christian
Gracelyn A combination of grace & lynn Christian
Gidget Giddy Christian
Gili My joy, rejoice Christian
Gaye happy Christian
Godeleva Good life, from godelief Christian
Geneva race of women Christian
Genna A form of jenna Christian
Gayna A familiar form of guinevere Christian
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Fri 23 Nov, 2018

So Gussie means vulnerable! Really I mean wow! What a name and meaning. I can recommend it to my going to be mother friend to consider it wisely.

Sat 20 Jun, 2015

It is a nice name and the meaning of the name is also good. I would recommend people to give their little treasure this name.

Fri 03 Apr, 2015

Gemelle is my grand mother's name she is very nice lady she was a cheerleader in her young age.

Wed 14 Jan, 2015

I want to know the meanings of this name Githa please add the meanings i shall be very thankful to you.

Wed 14 Jan, 2015

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