Most Popular Names In Iran

Most Popular Names In Iran - Iranian/Persian names are culturally advanced; these names are always trendy and have beautiful meaning, also Persian names can be translated into many other languages.

Persian names overlap with Arabic Muslim names. Some people follow the names from their four father and few of the parents choose the names from historical aspects. Naming the child indeed is a big responsibility and parents have to choose the names wisely. We have the most popular Irani/Persian names on this page so you can have an idea.

Here are popular Irani/Persian names for your convenience:


• Arman ( longing)
• Arash (bright arrow)
• Baraz ( high)
• Behrouz (having good luck)
• Dilshad (Joyful)
• Farzin( learned person)


• Gul (flower)
• Fairuza (women of triumph)
• Afia (Friday born child)
• Abha (brightness)
• Adda ( graceful and noble)
• Sarika ( princess)
• Yaffa ( Gorgeous)

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