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Shilaanah Jujube Muslim
Avice bird Christian
Shrilalita Graceful; Prosperous Hindu
Zemirah Song of joy Christian
Abhimanini Proud of Herself Hindu
Taashqeen Helper Muslim
Assim Lazy, Idle, Slow, Inactive Muslim
Chandramouli Lord Shiva Hindu
Dixesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Loozie Clever Muslim
Anchal The Decorative End of a Sari Hindu
Vedamohan Lord Krishna Hindu
Aska To Close Muslim
Bahati My Luck is Good; Luck or be Lucky Hindu
Paremjit Hindu
Samrin Fruite Muslim
Johnnie God is gracious Christian
Imadaldin Pillar of the faith Muslim
Dilara Beloved Muslim
Shaamaa Happy Muslim
Sejay Look Hindu
Zeibaa Happy Muslim
Deelilah The beautiful temptress (the lover of samson in the bible) Christian
Kritika Name of a star, Well starred, Goddess of Karma Hindu
Gulnoor The light of flower, light or radiance Muslim
Heramba Lord Ganesh; Boastful; Name of Ganapati Hindu
Irshaad Variant Of Irshad: Guidance, Direction Muslim
Shafana Integrity and Virtuous Muslim
Behrouz Fortunate, Lucky Muslim
Oz Strength Christian
Aabisah The Player Muslim
Kawthar A River In Paradise. Muslim
Mahjabeen Moon faced, Beautiful Muslim
Sudiksha Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Yousef In american meaning is : He will add. Muslim
Naseeba Variant Of Nasiba: Luck, Share. Muslim
Rochi Light Hindu
Keir Dark-skinned; Little Dark One; Swarthy; Fort Hindu
Udaybhan The Rising Sun Hindu
Bhaagyasree Fortunate; Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Ucchal The Mind; Understanding Hindu
Kevin Little Gentle One; Lovable; Handsome; Beloved; Gentle Birth Hindu
Ianat Assistance, Help, Aid Muslim
Aryo-Barzan Name Of Darius III's General Who Fought Against Alexander's Invasion. Muslim
Galilea Sloping hills Christian
Qabila Able, wise. Muslim
Reena Peace ; joyous song rimona - pomegranate Christian
Sanjval Well Lit Blazing Brightly Hindu
Kampu Sweet Hindu
Comfort tocomfort, help, strengthen Christian
Apporap unique Muslim
Neha loving in Sanskrit. Hindu
Araminta Lofty Christian
Nainappan Hindu
Mahanidhi A Great Treasure House Hindu
Appan One's Own Hindu
Vidya knowledge, science, learning in Sanskrit Hindu
Alavayannal Hindu
Vijul A Silk-cottom Tree Hindu
Tail Rich Muslim
Rupashi Beautiful Hindu
Sindy woman from Kynthos Christian
Yamam Purpose, Intention, Aim Muslim
Qaleem Writer Muslim
Bahija Glad, happy, joyful Muslim
Thillaivendan Lord Shiva Hindu
Ronaaldah Effective Muslim
Fahhaamat Very understanding,Extremely sympathetic Muslim
Hosea To deliver Christian
Jamel Handsome Muslim
Bushr Joy, happiness Muslim
Japan Muttering Prayers Hindu
Husaam Sword Hindu
Khatera Memory Muslim
Tagin Father's Name Of Sultan Ghaznavi Muslim
Madhupa Drinking Sweetness Hindu
Wediqa Greenery Muslim
Rushika Graceful Hindu
Yaksha A Type of a Demi God Hindu
Indiraraman Lord Vishnu Hindu
Veshana Flute Hindu
Ayzar Strong Muslim
Tula Balance Scale; Zodiac Sign Libra Hindu
Khaamafarsaa Writer Muslim
Anidita Goddess Durga Hindu
Kachwaha Hindu
Hrida Pure Hindu
Sayani Evening Hindu
Qarshi Qureshi Chief Muslim
Krutika Artificial Hindu
Lidin Hindu
Natanasundari Dance Hindu
Jicku Lion Hindu
Zoreen Powerful Muslim
Mukula Bud Hindu
Nilutha Providing Water Hindu
Taqreen Jointer Muslim
Surasu Mother of Gods Hindu
Evaan God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles Christian
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Names Reviews

Jihan name is just adorable.... i have read a novel where jihan was the main lean and i just loved his charachter.

Erum , Islamabad Thu 04 Mar, 2021

Insiyaa is pretty name. I would love to namemy niece Insiya as it is a unique name

Nehal , karachi Thu 04 Mar, 2021

I have heard 1st time this name haram.... Haram name meaning is nice

Sadia , Islamabad Thu 04 Mar, 2021

Gul Afshan
Gul Afshan is very poetic name and i really like poetry, so i like this name also.

Shahan , Lucknow Thu 04 Mar, 2021

My nick name is Fareeha Zehra but i write as Fariha and i love my names alot

Anabiya , lahore Thu 04 Mar, 2021

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