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Wamiq Loving, Friendly Muslim
Washida Muslim
Sanas Laughing Smiling Hindu
Chaheer Bird Muslim
Yahveh existingone Christian
Shuhrah Fame, reputation Muslim
Aksasutra Bearer of Knowledge Hindu
Soogoor Hindu
Beragan Darwish woman Muslim
Sakuni Luck Hindu
Zeahire Outstanding, Distinguished. Muslim
Ahdas New; Novel Hindu
Tapi A Name of River; Warm Hindu
Liwaaz Safeguard Muslim
Archie Genuine Courage Hindu
Raphaela Divine healer Christian
Bandhura Pretty Hindu
Mohaqil Farmer Muslim
Tripur Three Cities Hindu
Asianne The Rising Sun. The Name Of The Continent Used As A Given Name. According To The Koran The Pharaoh's Wife Asia Raised The Infant Moses. A Variant Of Aisha: (life). Muslim
Zinga Hindu
Safwat In Muslim meaning is : Supreme; good friend; purity; choicest part Muslim
Gunita Virtuous Hindu
Asnaaf Types Muslim
Qaani' Variant Of Qani': Satisfied, Content Muslim
Divyanga Heavenly; Brilliant Hindu
Rekhtah Upset Muslim
Kshipra Name of a River in India Hindu
Mahisha Buffalo Hindu
Lolika Hindu
Ritchie A form of richie Christian
Isat Superiority; Greatness Hindu
Jayasree Winning of Money; Victorious; Goddess of Victory Hindu
Nital Joy Hindu
Aazaar Name Of A Month Muslim
Mahalaxmi Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Zee Muslim
Aryamanesh Of Aryan Nature Muslim
Dhenumati River Gomati Hindu
Amash Pious Muslim
Waqyaam Sword Muslim
Broc A form of brock Christian
Shair Poetry Maker Muslim
Ahmreen Red color Muslim
Timothy tohonorGod Christian
Sakain Knife Muslim
Kunhi A Soft Bud of a Plant Hindu
Aakansha Desire Hindu
Muraaree Another Name of Lord Krishna Hindu
Vibhu Lord Vishnu Hindu
Dharmaja Son of Dharma; Another Name for Yudhisthira Hindu
Maulaa Variant Of Maula: Master, Lord Muslim
Lakshita Distinguished Hindu
Yashasvat Glorious; Famous Hindu
Kelsi A form of kelsey Christian
Maalai Garland of Flowers Hindu
Kesari Saffron; A Lion Hindu
Yagnitha Worship Hindu
Nadman Shameful Muslim
Yolotzyn Little Heart Hindu
Muallam Educator, Preceptor Muslim
Ghudan Early Morning Muslim
Roberrt One who is bright with fame Christian
Sanyyah Beautiful; Moment Hindu
Azabzah Prayer Muslim
Unquda Bunch of grapes. Muslim
Vijesh Good Person; Cool Hindu
Dushkaa Lovely Muslim
Rabiz Stopped Muslim
Nafel Naafil Reading Muslim
Bhoomika The Earth Hindu
Adimah Rare Muslim
Upanishat Part of Vedas Hindu
Ginno A well- born man Christian
Roxane Dawn Of Day Muslim
Ayyapan Ever Youthful Hindu
Alexxandria A helper and defender of mankind Christian
Wejdan Muslim
Kshantu Patient Hindu
Maneer-Un-Nisa Bright Muslim
Cleavon Cliff Christian
Chaaya Shadow Hindu
Harfah Profession Muslim
Khamsun Fifty Muslim
Smedley Flat meadow Christian
Baanki Colorful Muslim
Zadid Opponent Muslim
Sarvad Lord Shiva Hindu
Saniya Moment; Moment in Time; Radiant; Brilliant; High; Exalted; Harmony Hindu
Samaey Listener Muslim
Shafeeqa Variant Of Shafiqa: Kind, Compassionate. Muslim
Hihikara Hindu
Pajas Firmness; Strength Hindu
Manika Of Jewels Hindu
Jaitra Leading to Victory Hindu
Yashasva Full of Fame Hindu
Tasmin In that Hindu
Nabanita A New Life Hindu
Gedalia God is great Christian
MehrNigar Love Mark Muslim
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Linda name meaning is so accurate, my niece name is Linda and she is so pretty.

Senorita , Italy Thu 18 Feb, 2021

Alex is a common name and its My all time favorite name, Alex name meaning is also nice but i love it pronunciation

Adam , Italy Thu 18 Feb, 2021

I found this name meaning from here easily .. it is very helpful for everyone

janvi , Delhi Thu 18 Feb, 2021

Sohan is one of my favorite name .. its meaning is so impressive and there is very easy way to find any name meaning

Sonu , Mumbai Thu 18 Feb, 2021

My cousin sister name is Faiza . She is very intelligent and she is also very cute. her name meaning is easily available here

Fatima , karachi Thu 18 Feb, 2021

Baby names are among the most challenging decisions for a couple who is welcoming a baby, but plenty of platforms provide unique names for babies. Hamariweb has come up with the latest collection of Baby names that include girl and boy names and complete details.

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