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Faryal Angle, Spirit, Soul, Saint, Gem Muslim
Ida Prosperous Christian
Khattar Idea,Heart Muslim
Suryanarayana God of Sun; Sun God Hindu
Deethya Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Hetuka Lord Ganesh Hindu
Pitney Island of the strong-willed man Christian
Udgatta Hindu
Shivatmika The Essence of Lord Shiva Hindu
Kavach Armour Hindu
Cody Cushion. Christian
Ranga Colourful Hindu
Gage pledge, surety Christian
Mayra pearl Christian
Abir Aroma; Strong Muslim
Raunaa Variant Of Rana: To Gaze, Look Beautiful, Graceful. Muslim
Daana Woman from denmark Christian
Ish Lord Vishnu Hindu
Marya Mark; Limit Hindu
Utaaf Free Muslim
Rudrapriya Beloved of Shiva Hindu
Shahaamat Brave Muslim
Nishikar Moon; Lord of Night Hindu
Salil Descendant, Son Muslim
Harimanti Born in the Season of Hemanta Hindu
Ellaine The shining light ; in mythology , helen was the most beautiful woman in the world Christian
Musawar Image Maker Muslim
Rushdah Advice Muslim
Mash'al In Sindhi meaning is : Torch. Muslim
Hadil Is the voice of a dove Muslim
Anichamalar Hindu
Jayaprabhavathi Victorious Hindu
Sybilla prophetess Christian
Nabhan Hindu
Khafid Easy, comfortable, smooth Muslim
Zravasya Fame; Glory Hindu
Bahaa Cost, Price, light Muslim
Sukhraan Obedient Muslim
Bordoloi Hindu
Hemasri One with Golden Body Hindu
Ratib Arranger Muslim
Vasudha Earth; The Earth Hindu
Doron Gift Christian
Sarukh Shout Muslim
Tarah Naqash Muslim
Hemantee Winter Hindu
Tabian Expose Muslim
Swagatika Love; Welcome Hindu
Crispin Curly haired Christian
Keethan Holy Song Hindu
Mah-e-Arab Arab Moon Muslim
Vivien alive animated lively Christian
Umasuta Lord Ganesh Hindu
Taneesha Ambition Hindu
Aksayini Everlasting Hindu
Urmish A Person with Full of Feelings Hindu
Aarashi First Ray of Sun Hindu
Hadaya Pl. of Hadiya, gift, present. Muslim
Sarah Pure, Happy Muslim
Tamasvi Hindu
Zuhayr Sparkling,Brilliant,shining. Muslim
Pushparaj King of Flowers Hindu
Ramza Muslim
Chesed increase Christian
Royanna Queenly; royal Christian
Abdul-qaadir Servant Of The Capable Muslim
Nadja Hope Hindu
Dolat Rich; Money Hindu
Kutaja Good Hindu
Sravan A Charactor in Ramayana; Devoted Son Hindu
Nawaaz Gentleman Muslim
Jacoba Supplanter Christian
Sitara A Star; Morning Star Hindu
Varnisha Hindu
Janie A familiar form of jane Christian
Anshumat Luminous Hindu
Shyeti White Hindu
Halah Glory Muslim
Shailadhar Lord Krishna Hindu
Ashutosh Lord Shiva Hindu
Raveena Sunny; Beauty of the Sun Hindu
Kalima Speaker; Mouthpiece; Blackness; The Mother Kali Hindu
Hashimi An Ancestor Of Prophet Muhammad Muslim
Dharamani Hindu
Vriteka Success in Life Hindu
Prasat Pleased; Bright Hindu
Suryavarm As Powerful as the Sun Hindu
Trilokesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Abu' ali Father Of Ali Muslim
Sidhartha Lord Buddha Hindu
Etana Dedication, strength Christian
Bhuvan Earth; Palace Hindu
Charudatt Born of Beauty Hindu
Thakarani Wife Of Thakur Muslim
Turanum Sing Softly Muslim
Raajih Variant Of Rajih: Respondent Muslim
Rukmi Brother of Rukmini Hindu
Anaamil Fingers Muslim
Urmi Wave Hindu
Hridya Heart Hindu
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Names Reviews

Jihan name is just adorable.... i have read a novel where jihan was the main lean and i just loved his charachter.

Erum , Islamabad Thu 04 Mar, 2021

Insiyaa is pretty name. I would love to namemy niece Insiya as it is a unique name

Nehal , karachi Thu 04 Mar, 2021

I have heard 1st time this name haram.... Haram name meaning is nice

Sadia , Islamabad Thu 04 Mar, 2021

Gul Afshan
Gul Afshan is very poetic name and i really like poetry, so i like this name also.

Shahan , Lucknow Thu 04 Mar, 2021

My nick name is Fareeha Zehra but i write as Fariha and i love my names alot

Anabiya , lahore Thu 04 Mar, 2021

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