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Names are the life time identity of an individual in every society. Baby names have huge choices of names due to the vastness of all language. Parents can go through this webpage for latest baby names that are too adorable to resist. Khadija, Teresa, Ali, Rahul, are the most liked name.

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Hubab Aim, Friendship Muslim
Ghayat Aim, Goal, Destination Muslim
Hayy Alive, Having Life Muslim
Javid Alive, Living Muslim
Haflat All, Everything Muslim
Bus'a All, Universal Muslim
Halif Ally, Confederate, One Who Takes An Oath Muslim
Ansab Altar Stones Muslim
Reyhan Good Scent, fragrance Muslim
Kauthar Ample, Abundant Muslim
Hashami An Ancestor Of Prophet Muhammad Muslim
Hashimi An Ancestor Of Prophet Muhammad Muslim
Ma'D An Old Arabian Tribe's Name Muslim
Hubal Ancient Idol In The Temple Of Makkah. Muslim
Qadim Ancient, Antique Muslim
Fariqat Angels Who Distinguish The Lie From The Truth Muslim
Huwa Mother of mankind Muslim
Daluh Another Name For The Sun Muslim
Sabiq Antecedent. Preceding Muslim
Zuhur Appearing, Arising Muslim
Yacoub Arabic Form Of Jacob Muslim
Eisa Arabic Form Of Jesus Muslim
Boulus Arabic Form Of Paul Muslim
Butrus Arabic Form Of Peter Muslim
Sulaiman Arabic Form Of Solomon,Peaceful. Muslim
Jibril Archangel Gabriel Muslim
Hujjat Argument, Proof Muslim
Azid Arm Muslim
Ratib Arranger Muslim
Nathim Arranger, Adjuster Muslim
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Baby boy’s birth brings love, happiness, joy, and a lot of fun in parent life. Boys tend to be the more naughty and the life of a house. House with the young boy is full of hops and love. Naming a baby boy is a little tough as parents chose the name wisely for their baby boy. Names signify and mold the personality and here we have come with an amazing page that has compiled the data of all Muslim boy names starting with S and ending with N.
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There is no greater gift for parents than for their children. Whenever a little guest is expected to come to a couple's house, they prepare for it with full enthusiasm. However, the naming stage of a child is considered the most difficult and sacred part for the family.
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The most beautiful feeling for any couple is when they become parents when the little angle comes in their lap, the feelings are absolutely heavenly. Parents start listing their children's names before even they are born. They try to keep names short and unique to make it easier to call. The meanings of the names have a direct effect on the personality, however today we have come up with all the beautiful names of TikTok celebrities and their beautiful meanings that are too adorable to resist.
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Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger from almighty Allah for guiding the Umaat towards the right path. Muslims follow him because he is the prophet of their religion and those who do not follow Islam also hold a high position regarding the character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He spread Islam with his wise, rational, and kind behavior towards all. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married 13 women including this 1st and most loving wife Hazrat Khadeejah (AS). All the wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have a high status in Islamic society and parents love to names their daughters after them.
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Umaima is the most trending name of girl which I heard many times and Common name ..

Rizwana , Hyderabad Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Its an amazing way to find name meanings . Bushra is my Fiance name . she is so cute

Ahmed , Lahore Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Batool is very beautiful name for girls...... It is very popular name...... My younger sister name is Batool..

Dania , Hyderabad Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Rukhsar name is a pretty name with good meaning. I really like this name

Anabia , Lahore Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Hoorain name is Unique and Popular .. its meaning is very attractive and i find this name from here easily

Anoosha , Sialkot Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Baby names are among the most challenging decisions for a couple who is welcoming a baby, but plenty of platforms provide unique names for babies. Hamariweb has come up with the latest collection of Baby names that include girl and boy names and complete details.

These names are handpicked with authentic means that are reliable for parents looking for the updated baby names list. As names impact one's personality, parents must be more careful while selecting names for babies. In this process, we have taken the initiative to provide the best baby names for little angles that must have a meaningful impact on their personality. You will Find an Alphabetic listing of names and their meanings make search easy and simple as parents can search names from a particular alphabet.