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A name is a basic introduction and identification of any person. Muslim name means that a name must be with guidelines of Islam as well as appropriate in meanings. Here are the 11308 Muslim Names with Top trending name ideas in 2020 are as follows: Anabia Name meaning is It is beautiful Muslim girl name that means Turns towards Allah, fragrance, odor, Arham Name meaning is Mercy, Compassion, Kindness , Ayesha Name meaning is Lively Woman, Life, alive, well-living, happily living, Ayaan Name meaning is Gift Of God, Reward, Generosity.


Anabia It is beautiful Muslim girl name that means Turns towards Allah, fragrance, odor Girl
Arham Mercy, Compassion, Kindness Boy
Ayesha Lively Woman, Life, alive, well-living, happily living Girl
Ayaan Gift Of God, Reward, Generosity Boy
Inaya Help, care, protection Girl
Fatima Captivating, Accustom, One Who Abstains Girl
Zayan Beautiful, Hospitable, Graceful Boy
Sana Light, Radiance, To Glow,Resplendence Girl
Ayan Gif Of God, Reward, Blessing Boy
Aryan Warrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya people Boy
Aiza Nobel, woman with outstanding qualities, good character lady Girl
Aaira noble woman, honourable and respectful lady Girl
Zoya Alive, Loving, Caring Girl Girl
Abeeha her father, nickname of Hazrat Fatima Girl
Azlan Lion, Brave, Courageous man Boy
Rehan Scented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plant Boy
Haniya Joy, Pleasant, To Be Happy Girl
Huzaifa Wise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companion Boy
Zainab Generosity, Munificence, Fragrant Flower Girl
Zain Beauty, Adornment, Graceful Boy Boy
Imran Happiness, Prosperity, Great pleasure, Exalted Nation Boy
Zara High Status, Exalted, Eastern Splendour, Princess Girl
Maira Favorable, Admirable, light, swift, fast-moving Girl
Ayat This striking name with a classic feel means Mark, Sign, Proof, Sign of God's Greatness. Girl
Hoorain Beautiful Eyes, fabulous friend in Paradise and Women of Paradise Girl
Laiba Gorgeous, Pretty, A beautiful Hoor Of Heaven Girl
Ali The High, Champion, Exalted One, islamic Boy
Rayan Soft touch, Fresh, paradise gate Boy
Aqsa Aqsa, an exquisite sounding name, means The mosque name, holy name, perfect in goodness and righteousness in Arabic. Girl
Mahira Expert, skilled, talented, accomplished, adept Girl
Maryam Pure, Pious Lady, Mistress or Lady of the Sea, Sea of Bitterness Girl
Shayan Worthy, Deserving, Meriting Boy
Neha Loving, Affectionate, Rain Girl
Arish Righteous, Nobel, A Brave Solider Boy
Amyra Princess, commander, Highborn Girl Girl
Aayan God’s Gift, Manifest, Blessing Boy
Hamza Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man Boy
Rohaan As Pure Spirit, Spiritual, Kindhearted, Compassionate Boy
Naira radiant, brilliant, full of light Girl
Anam Present, Precious Gift from Allah ,which will change the world through her smile Girl
Ayra Vision-filling, eye-weakening, Respectable Girl
Saad Felicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck. Boy
Aiman Aiman is a lovely name that means Righteous, blessed, lucky. Girl
Zeeshan The Glory, Magnificent, High In Dignity Boy
Hareem Sanctuary, Sanctum Girl
Eshaal Paradise Flower, Fragrant Flower Of Heaven Girl
Mahnoor Mahnoor means Moon Light in. It is a common Muslim name, phonetically it sounds very soft. Girl
Hamdan Praise Worthy, The Praised One, Variation Of The Name "Muhammad" Boy
Sufian Fast Moving, Light, Nimble, Companion Of Prophet Boy
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Islamic Names with Meanings – When talking about Muslim names, they are nothing more than offering a beautiful and good meaning name. Naming a child with an honorable and beautiful responsibility of parents, the name has a great significance in Islam. Muslims and Islam are words that are utilized to elaborate on the religion that was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It is noted that Muslims and Islam are originated from the Arabic language.

A new name assigned to a Muslim child, after his/her birth, and he/she used to be called by a new name, usually in the Arabic language. The reason is that Asma ul Husna (Names of Allah), names of prophets, Sahaba names, Muslim Arabic Names and names from Islamic history generally belong from the Arabic language. However, some parents or families also prefer to assign modern Muslim names or unique Muslim Names to their children. On hamariweb, you can easily find unique and beautiful Muslim baby girl names or Muslim baby boy names.

it is finally time to assign a Muslim Boy names or Muslim Girl names, a lot of spiritual and religious reasons come into play. In case, you are looking for some inspiration for Islamic names for baby boy or girl, here you can check the most popular Islamic names for baby girl and boy with meaning.

What are famous Muslim Names in Pakistan?

When talk about popular male Muslim Names in Pakistan, Muhammad, Salman, Rayan, Haider and Ali are the most common Muslim boy names. However, Ayesha, Fatima, Zainab, and Hoorain are the famous girl Muslim names.

Which castes names are popular in Pakistan?

Different castes and ethnic groups are present in Pakistan and it is a reason that ethnic names from Balochi, Sindhi, Gilgiti, Kashmiri, Pashtun, Punjabi, and Saraiki names are popular.

What is the Muslim Name?

Muslim Name or Islamic Name is a name that is assigned to a baby boy or girl at the time of his/her birth. Usually, these names are associated with Islamic personalities or cultural heritage.

Why the meanings of Muslim Urdu Names are important?

Names have much significance in Islam. It creates great impact on life of any person, it is a reason that we should know the meanings of Muslim Urdu names that we are assigning to child.

How can I choose Muslim Names for Babies?

If you are picking a name from Asma Ul Husna, then you should write Abdul before the name. You should not assign a name which has bad meaning or related to idolatry or polytheism.

Are all Arabic names Islamic?

No, Arabic is just a language, and you should check the meaning of name before assigning it to your baby boy or girl. However, names of Sahabas and Aulia Karam are Islamic names.

What are common Arabic names?

Arabic names are highly popular in Middle East countires. However, some of them are the most common ones such as Omar, Khalil, Maryam, Amira, Yousef, Zahra etc.

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