Persian Girl Names

Names Records 61 To 90 (Total 10146 Records)

It is a nice name and the meaning of the Deepika is also good. I would recommend people to give their little treasure this name.

  • Riya, Delhi
  • Thu 22 Sep, 2022

i suggest my sister to visit this site to see the many beautiful names with their meanings. i recommend name Chaitali to her

  • Sana, Hyderabad
  • Thu 22 Sep, 2022

My name is Bhavika and I just love it. This is a unique name not so many people have this name

  • Bhavika , Delhi
  • Thu 22 Sep, 2022

On this page you can get every name meanings very easily.. i found Sneha Name meaning with authentic details

  • Anaya, Mumbai
  • Thu 22 Sep, 2022

i was found my name meaning from here easily without any problem. It is very popular name

  • Ezzah, Islamabad
  • Tue 20 Sep, 2022