Boys Names Starting with ا

Baby Boys Names Starting with ا - Find the unique & popular baby Boys Names Starting with ا with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Boys Names Starting with ا for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Boys Names Starting with ا
Aadam Aaghaa Aakif
Aamil Aamin Aaqaa
Aaron Aasaal Aasil
Aatazaz Aazaad Aazam
A'azz Abaan Ab'ab
Ababil Abadard Abakhta
Aban Aban Abanjar
Abann Abarava Abba
Abbar Abbud Abdaal
Abdah Abdu Abhaar
Abhar Abiyah Ablagh
Abnus Abou-Al Abqar
Abrad Abraham Abrak
Abrar Abraz Abriz
Abs Absaar Absar
Abtal Abtin Abu
Abu' b Abu' ab Abu Al
Abu' al Abu' am Abu' ay
Abu dal Abu dar

Reviews on Boys Names Starting with ا

The great details are available here about the Aban name that is the Islamic baby boy name so now we easily get their full details from here

ayza , islamabad Mon 15 Oct, 2018

The best way for knowing the any name for Muslim baby boy with their meaning and the whole authentic details form this online

zobia , lahore Mon 15 Oct, 2018

I like the name Aakif but i am also looking at the name Ashraf for my 2 year old son. Which do you guys think is better?

Rouf , Abu Dhabi Mon 15 Oct, 2018

I understand that Aadam is a variation of the name Adam but that really isn't its meaning right?. Please help me find the actual meaning of the name

Zeeshan , New York Mon 15 Oct, 2018

Mere name ka pura matlab kiya hoga

Md. Imteyaz , Patepur vaishali Sat 13 Oct, 2018

Aasil is such an aggressive name, the meaning of it is to attack violently and persistently. Why would someone name their child Aasil?

Ahmed , Riyad Thu 11 Oct, 2018

I always thought Aaron was a Hindu name, you hear it in Indian movies all the time, who knew it was actually Arabic

Sikandar , Hyderabad Thu 11 Oct, 2018

My mom keeps calling me a lazy person, wait till i show her that my name Aamil actually means worker

Aamil , Dubai Thu 11 Oct, 2018

Not only can i find the meaning of the name Aakif in English and Urdu but also most major languages

Saif , Islamabad Thu 11 Oct, 2018

I really like the fact that not only can i check the meaning of the name Aakif but also hear its pronunciation

Aakif , New York Thu 11 Oct, 2018