Muslim Boy Names Starting with ض Zvad

View all Islamic names for Boy starting with Zvad or Urdu Alphabet " ض ". Pick from the vast collection of popular and best names with Zvad for Boy along with meanings in Urdu and English. You can also view lucky number and origin of all Muslim Boy names starting with Zvad or " ض ".

Islamic Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with " ض " Zvad

Zarif Humorous ضارف
Zamin Another Name For God Biased Security ضامن
Zarar To Strictly ضرار
Zia Light; Splendor. ضیاء
Zaigham Lion ضیغم
Zameer Heart, idea ضمیر
Zaad The Domination ضاد
Zargham Lions live ضرغام
Zamar Secret ضمار
Zabit Powerful, To Remember ضابط
Zoraz Light Maker ضوریز
Zaboor Lion ضبور
Daamin Guarantor, Surety ضامن
Zaber Group of worshipers ضبر
Zameen Guaranteeing The ضمین
Zeman responsible ضمان
Zeesham brave,Bold ضیشم
Zahi -- ضہی
Zarib Striker ضارب
Zafer Help ضافر
Zarim High speed ضرم
Dihyah Commander of troops. ضحيه
Zahhak To Smile ضاحک
Zoomeer The humility to do ضومیر
Zamair Heart, idea, secret ضمائر
Zamrez LOIN,BRAVE ضمرز
Zamaad Leap ضماد
Zarae The Expression Of Trustable ضارع
Zarrar To Strictly ضرار
Zihak Very Funny To Smile ضحاک
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Zamin is unique name and is one of my favorite and here his name meaning along with complete details.

Amaan , Hyderabad Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Zarar is an amazing name.... mujhy yeh naam personally boht pasand hy.. Zarar name meaning is also nice

iraj , Islamabad Wed 13 Jan, 2021

I think this is one of the lucky name of the world, this name was the brave person name in the period of khalid bin waleed .This is islami name and our pak army have a tank who called zarrar tank .so i think whoever will under this name will be very brave and lucky . I also keep this name of my new born son. And he will be the PSP officer in the future insha Allah. In pakistan Army or pak police insha ALLAH.

Zarrar , Karachi Thu 30 Jul, 2020

wow amazing name and its meaning.. i thinking i will consider this name to my nephew .. This way is very nice to know about the names and meanings

shahzaib , lahore Wed 29 Jan, 2020

Please send me meaning of under mentioned name

Zeryaab , Rawalpindi Fri 24 Jan, 2020

My name is my identity ❤️❤️

Zia Ul Hassan , Lahore Mon 19 Aug, 2019

beatuful name

zoraz , karachi Sun 04 Aug, 2019

Meaning of my name is very good. I am very glade listen my name meaning... Light.....

Ziaullah , Karachi Thu 24 Jan, 2019

The name Zaigham meaning is very uncommon but my parents decided to name me this because of its wonderful meaning. A lion that rules among everyone else is truly what I think I am capable of. I want to be a leader just like that.

Mehran Ali , Lahore Mon 10 Dec, 2018

I am very happy because the meaning of bushra is good .Allah bless all the Zaigham. Because zaigham is the name of my teacher.

Wajeeh , Srinagar Sun 02 Dec, 2018