Muslim Boy Names Starting with ل Lam

View all Islamic names for Boy starting with Lam or Urdu Alphabet " ل ". Pick from the vast collection of popular and best names with Lam for Boy along with meanings in Urdu and English. You can also view lucky number and origin of all Muslim Boy names starting with Lam or " ل ".

Islamic Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with " ل " Lam

Latif Gentle, Kind لطیف
Liaqat Fitness. Ability. لیاقت
Lajpal The Dignity لجپال
Luqman The Biblical Aesep Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name لقمان
Labib Sensible, Intelligent لابیب
Lara Mare لارا
Labeeb Variant Of Labib: Sensible, Intelligent لابیب
Lukman In egyptian meaning is : A prophet. لقمان
Laith In Sindhi meaning is : Lion. لیتح
Lais In Hindu meaning is : lion origin Arabic لائیس
Lisan language,Bid لسان
Lut The Biblical Lot Is The English Language Equivalent لُت
Liman Rayed,Brightness لمعان
Ihab In Sindhi meaning is : Leather. لہب
Lateef In egyptian meaning is : Gentle. لطیف
Lutfi Friendly لطفی
Laiq Deserving لائق
Lama Of Dark Lips. لامع
Lala Flowers Name لالہ
Leron The Song Is Mine لورین
Layth In Sindhi meaning is : A famous jurist had this name. لیتح
Laziz Good,Touchstone لزیز
Lutfan Well Doing لطفان
Lodhi A tribe name of Afghans لودھی
Iesa In Muslim meaning is : A Prophet's name لیسا
Lutf In Sindhi meaning is : Bounty, enjoyment. لُطف
Lal To Caress, To Play لال
Luqmaan Variant Of Luqman: The Biblical Aesep Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name لقمان
Loot Variant Of Lut: The Biblical Lot Is The English Language Equivalent لوط
Lafiz To Intellect لافظ
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My name is Luqman and I just love my name. It is just according to my personality. i easily found my name here

Luqman , Sialkot Mon 15 Feb, 2021

This is one of the unique names with impressive meaning and easily available here

Abeer , Multan Fri 12 Feb, 2021

My name is Liaqat and I just love my name. It is just according to my personality. i easily found my name here

liaqat , Lahore Thu 10 Dec, 2020

My name is Labib and I just love my name. It is just according to my personality.

Labib , Lahore Tue 20 Oct, 2020

Liaqat name is my favorite name.. Because its my father name ... I love my father and his personality like his name meaning.

Sajjad , Islamabad Sat 08 Aug, 2020

Lama is lady name !!!!

lama , germany Sat 21 Dec, 2019

Hii very good name

Lais , Muzaffarnagar Thu 29 Aug, 2019

nice and my love name

liaqat ali , rawalpindi Thu 02 May, 2019


Luqman , Manserah Mon 11 Feb, 2019

This is so good ap

Kazim , Lahore Sun 27 Jan, 2019