Muslim Boy Names Starting with ن Noon

View all Islamic names for Boy starting with Noon or Urdu Alphabet " ن ". Pick from the vast collection of popular and best names with Noon for Boy along with meanings in Urdu and English. You can also view lucky number and origin of all Muslim Boy names starting with Noon or " ن ".

Islamic Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with " ن " Noon

Noman Blood, Advice Counselor, Men With Blessings Of Allah نعمان
Nadeem Variant Of Nadim: Companion, Confidant, Friend, Repentant. Regretful ندیم
Nihal Romantic, Joyful, Newly Planted tree, young tree نہال
Naeem Comfort. Ease. Tranquil. نعیم
Nusrat Aid, assistance, victory, Help نصرت
Nabeel Noble, honorable, highborn, distinguished, intelligent, dexterous نبیل
Nawaz One who caresses, cherishes, soothes, generous نواز
Nasir Protector. Granting Victory. ناصر
Nabi Another Name For Prophet Muhammad, Messenger نبی
Naveed Good tiding, Good News, Glad tidings نوید
Nishat Bringer of happiness, Liveliness. Energy نشاط
Noor Light ,The Divine Light, Radiance نور
Nahid Elevated, Venus, the planet ناہد
Nazim Organizer, governor, arranger, adjuster, administrator ناظم
Naim Comfort, Ease, Tranquil نايم
Numan Blood, red, old Arabic name نعمان
Nawazish Caress. Kindness. نوازش
Nisar charity نثار
Noshad Happy, rejoice نوشاد
Nafees Precious. Exquisite. نفیس
Naaz Variant Of Naz: Pride, Delicacy ناز
Niyaz Desire, Offering نیاز
Noori Variant Of Nuri: Shining, Light. نوری
Naseem Fresh Air. Breeze. نسیم
Nur Light نور
Nafis Precious, Exquisite نفیس
Nizam Administration. نظام
Nazish Proud نازش
Nadir Dear, Rare, Precious نادر
Nail Achieves نائل
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This name is very unique .. and there is the great page to find every name and its meaning

Ashad , Lahore Fri 12 Feb, 2021

My name is Nahid. i very like this name and This page provides a lot of information and authentic details

Nahid , Lahore Tue 20 Oct, 2020

Nadeem is very Nice name and its meaning is very awesome .. i recommend to everyone to visit here for the best experience

shahzaib , multan Thu 20 Aug, 2020

My name is Nadeem and I like my name very much.. Because this name is selected by my father

Nadeem , lahore Sat 08 Aug, 2020

Noman is my Elder brother name .. he is very nice person and its name is meaning is very attractive

shahzaib , multan Wed 05 Aug, 2020

Nice name and its meaning is very awesome .. i recommend to everyone to visit here for the best experience

haroon , lahore Wed 29 Jan, 2020

my name is naeem. i very like this name and your page provides a lot of information

naeem , Lahore Fri 24 Jan, 2020

My Uncle name is Najaf, here I am landing to get the information about this name. The name Najaf refers to the city of Iraq. Due to the religious point of view this city have unique identity.

sara , khi Thu 23 Jan, 2020

My name is Syed Nadeem Abbas & I M proud to say that. and I M thank ful to my family for given me this nice name

Syed Nadeem Abbas , Khoski Badin Thu 26 Dec, 2019

That's a great meaning of my name. also in Quran e Paak In 2 or 3 Places.

Muhammad naeem khan , Lahore Wed 30 Oct, 2019