Muslim Boy Names Starting with پ Pe

View all Islamic names for Boy starting with Pe or Urdu Alphabet " پ ". Pick from the vast collection of popular and best names with Pe for Boy along with meanings in Urdu and English. You can also view lucky number and origin of all Muslim Boy names starting with Pe or " پ ".

Islamic Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with " پ " Pe

Parvaiz Commendable پرویز
Parsa Pure, Chaste,devout, Holy, Persian پارسا
Pasha A Lord پاشا
Payam Message پیام
Panda Wisdom; Knowledge; Learning پانڈہ
Pasban Protector پاسبان
Pak Clean, Touchstone پاک
Pawar eternity, chronic پاوار
Painda Persevering پائندہ
Pouya To Search, Searcher پویا
Peer Leader. Old. پیر
Paris The French Capital. پارس
Papa Lord Shiva پاپا
Parham Abraham پرہم
Pir Leader, Old پیر
Peyman Promise پیمان
Parviz Lucky man پرویز
Pamer Persevering پامر
Paiman Designation, promise پیمان
Pirzada -- پیر زادہ
Parwan Commencement پروان
Pejman Desire, Wish پیجمن
Parman Umang پرمان
Pedram Successful In Life پدرم
Pagah Military, army پاگاہ
Peroz Successful victorious پیروز
Pirooz Victorious, Also A Character In Shahnameh پیروز
Pezhman Broken-hearted, Sad پزہمن
Pabest Strong and stable پابست
Parishan A Fairy-Like Splendor پریشان
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It's such a nice time with this very good site as it is providing authentic meaning of mu name that is Piruz Name

Piruz Nayab , karachi Wed 27 Jan, 2021

Lots of the names here like Parviz are purely IRANIAN or Persian or Farsi. It has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. Yes, Muslim use these names but names are NOT Muslim names as they mentioned here. Iranians (Jewish, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Christians) or Tajik or Afghan people use these names. This labels of Muslim names is really misleading!!!!

Shabnam , 94536 Wed 08 Jul, 2020

My name is Parsa and Im boy😉Im from Persia.i dont know why you say parsa is girl name👊

Parsa , tehran Wed 18 Sep, 2019

Pouya is not muslim, nor arab or arabic. Pouya is a fully persian name with no religious connotations. This info is very wrong.

Dastan , LA Wed 02 Jan, 2019

In Urdu, the name has nothing to do with the French capital. It is supposedly a Persian word meaning a stone that can turn something into gold.

KS , London Wed 27 Jun, 2018

My sister name is parsa and she is a girl not a boy.

Malaika chohan , Bhakkar Sun 22 Apr, 2018

My sister name is parsa and she is a girl not a boy.

Malaika chohan , Bhakkar Sun 22 Apr, 2018

So nice name parsa

03044056573 , Islamabad Mon 18 Dec, 2017

Apa arti nama pasha bagi perempuan

Pasha , Jakarta Sun 10 Dec, 2017

im a pooya too and i know that my name means active. And its a fully persian name! Its not arabic at all!

pooya , yazd Thu 16 Nov, 2017