Muslim Girl Names Starting with ا Alif

View all Islamic names for Girl starting with Alif or Urdu Alphabet " ا ". Pick from the vast collection of popular and best names with Alif for Girl along with meanings in Urdu and English. You can also view lucky number and origin of all Muslim Girl names starting with Alif or " ا ".

Islamic Muslim Baby Girl Names starting with " ا " Alif

Anabia Turns towards Allah, Fragrance, Odor انابیہ
Abeeha her father, nickname of Hazrat Fatima ابیھا
Anam Present, Precious Gift from Allah انعم
Amyra Princess, commander, Highborn Girl امیرا
Aqsa Farthest, The mosque name Height, limit اقصیٰ
Ayra Vision-filling, eye-weakening, Respectable ايرا
Aiman Righteous, blessed, lucky ایمن
Iqra First word of the Quran, To read, To recite اقراﺀ
Umaima Little mother, Be a mother, Little Umm امیمہ
Anita Grace, Raise, Promote, Favor انیتا
Alina Bright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicate الينا
Arfa High-Status, Best, Sublime, The Mighty ارفعہ
Afnan Growth, Progress, Full Spreading Branches Of Trees, Growth, Fruitfulness افنان
Asma Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious,Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminent اسماﺀ
Ifra Significantly, Expert افراح
Ana Prestige, Self Respect. انا
Ariba Witty, Smart, Wise, Wisdom, Decisiveness اریبہ
Anahita Goddess of wisdom and fertility انہتا
Uswa Example, sample, light اسوہ
Aleena Fair, Beautiful, Soft, Delicate الینا
Amna Peace ,Safety, Safe One, Protected One امنہ
Alisa Wanderer In Phoenician, Name Of The Queen Of Carthage, GOD IS SALVATION الیسا
Ulfat Love الفت
Anum Benefit, Blessings, Profit, Allah's Favors Upon Humans انعم
Eliza Unique, Precious, My God Is An Oath, Joyful العزة
Adiba Cultured, Refined ادیبہ
Ariana Very holy one. ارینا
Abrash Spotted, Dappled ابرش
Imaan Variant Of Iman: Faith, Belief. ایمان
Alishba Pretty ,Caring Sweet, Innocent الشبہ
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Umaima is the most trending name of girl which I heard many times and Common name ..

Rizwana , Hyderabad Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Eliza is quite a modern names as well as traditional too.... i like this names

Arman , Islamabad Thu 04 Mar, 2021

It is a pretty name and i am in love with this name

Mehreen , larkana Thu 04 Mar, 2021

Elif name has significant importance in Islam, one of the pious woman's name

ayesha , Islamabad Fri 12 Feb, 2021

This is very beautiful name with a sweet meaning proud to be my name as Abeeha.. i found my name meaning from here

anabia , Lahore Fri 12 Feb, 2021

short names always are more attractive and Anum is a beautiful name. Anum name meaning is also amazing

Shahana , mumbai Fri 11 Dec, 2020

I finally found something i can write to describe my name.

Ilhaam Jama , Chigago Mon 21 Sep, 2020

in actual my name is ashna and here information provided is superb

ashna , lahore Sun 09 Aug, 2020

My name is Abeeha,. I do not know the true meaning of my name and just found it here.

Abeeha , karachi Sat 08 Aug, 2020

My Name is Anabia .. i like my name very much and i found my name meaning from here easily .....

Anabia , lahore Wed 05 Aug, 2020