Urdu Girl Names

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  • Sana, Hyderabad
  • Thu 18 Aug, 2022

My name is Kamala and I just love this nice meaning. i was searching many sites to find my name and now i found it

  • Kamala, Murree
  • Thu 18 Aug, 2022

I suggested this page to my friends. i was found my name meaning from here very correctly

  • Lubna , Lahore
  • Thu 18 Aug, 2022

Lubna, I love my name... It's very unique and special name for me because my mother selected this name for me..

  • Lubna , Islamabad
  • Fri 12 Aug, 2022

Kamala is very beautiful name, i suggested this name for my cute niece. it has a nice meaning and quite unique too.

  • Alisha, Karachi
  • Fri 12 Aug, 2022