Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with G

Hindu Boy Names Starting with G - Find the unique & popular baby Hindu sanskrit boys names starting with G with Hindi & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Hindu boy names starting with G for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number. Meaning of top Hindu Boy Names Starting with G includes Golu meaning Round Faced; Naughty Person; Guddu meaning Flower, Sweet, Delightful; Gaurav meaning Pride, Prestige, Honor.

Popular Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with G with Meaning

Golu Round Faced; Naughty Person Hindu
Guddu Flower, Sweet, Delightful Hindu
Gaurav Pride, Prestige, Honor Hindu
Garg Saint, Spiritual, Holy Person Hindu
Garvit Proud, Magnificent, Splendid, Resplendent Hindu
Gopal Cowherd, Protector of Cows, Lord Krishna Hindu
Gautam Lord Buddha Hindu
Goldy Made Of Gold, Gilded, Golden Hindu
Gavin White Falcon, Little Falcon Hindu
Gian One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge, Wisdom' Hindu
Goga Lord Of Snake; Farm Worker Hindu
Govinda Rescuer Of The Earth, Cow herd , Lord Narayan Hindu
Girish God Of Mountains, Lord Shiva, Hindu
Gurpurab Love of the Teacher Hindu
Gopi Protector of Cows Hindu
Gauransh Fair Skinned Hindu
Gajab Amazing Hindu
Gurpreet One who loves the Guru Hindu
Gora Mountain Hindu
Gyanendra Knowledge, Awareness, Apprehension Hindu
Govind Rescuer Of The Earth, Cow herd , Lord Narayan Hindu
Ganesh Lord Ganesh; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Hindu
Gyan Knowledge Hindu
Giyan Brilliant, Gleaming, Virtuous Hindu
Garry Mighty with a Spear; Spear; Form of Garret; To Watch Hindu
Gabroo Young Man, Youthful, Proud Hindu
Gulshan Garden of Flowers; Rose Garden Hindu
Gurleen One who is Absorbed in the Guru Hindu
Gagan Sky, Azure, Heavenly Sky Hindu
Gera Pilgrimage; Combat; Dispute; A Grain Hindu
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Hindu Boy Names Starting with G - This name is of great importance in all religions, including Hinduism. It is the oldest religious practice in the world. In this religion, naming a child is considered a sacred responsibility of the parents. In some Hindu families, the search for a good name even begins several days before the birth of a baby.it is celebrated at a ceremony called Namakran where a Pandit suggest a child’s name

Parents search for names that are not only beautiful to hear but also have good meaning. Hindus are very familiar with the impact of children's names because it influences their personality. Every parent strives to find the best name for their child, which must have a strong meaning

The names that are considered to be the blessing of a child throughout life are the names of God and Goddess related to their religion. You can find names for your little angel with the lucky number, lucky stones, and much more at Hamariweb. If you are a person who believes in the zodiac that contributes to someone's destiny, you can look up the names before naming your baby.

Hindu boy names starting with G: Alphabet G is equal to the number 7 and represents mystical, spiritual, and religious experiences. An individual with G is initially imaginative, creative, and helpful. When this is the first letter in a name, its weight is long. On the negative side, people do not listen to others and do not pay attention to advice. Find the unique name of a boy with an alphabet G. Browse a large list of Hindu baby boy names with complete meaning, lucky number, gender, etc. Hamariweb is providing an excellent opportunity for all Hindu parents to select amazing names for their baby boy.


Guddu name is very unique.. this name mostly used as a nick name but it is very popular here..

Fri 07 Aug, 2020

Muje apne bare main janna hai

Gautam rajput
Wed 28 Aug, 2019

Please tell me how type of name is gunmay Is this suitable

Sat 11 May, 2019

My children name golu kumar Father Anil kumar sharma

Golu kumar
Sat 09 Feb, 2019

It's my childhood name My parents put this name I just love this name and it's means

Golu Kumar
Tue 18 Dec, 2018

Golu is one of the famous name.My father put my name. Actually it is naughty person and lucky.

Sat 20 Oct, 2018

Golu is one of the famous name.My father put my name. Actually it is naughty person and lucky.

Sat 20 Oct, 2018

Mom ne bachpan me Pyar se bulati thi vhi naam pad gya dhire dhire sab bolne lge

Mon 26 Feb, 2018

My grandfather put my name

Golu saini
Wed 12 Jul, 2017

The many new and good names is available on this site which many peoples really want to know about the many new names

Sat 25 Mar, 2017

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