Hindu Boy Names Starting with S

Hindu Boy Names Starting with S - Find the unique & popular baby Hindu sanskrit boys names starting with S with Hindi & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Hindu boy names starting with S for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number. Meaning of top Hindu Boy Names Starting with S includes Shubham meaning Winner, Religious, and Auspicious, Lucky.; Shreyansh meaning Fame; Fame Giver and Lucky; Goddess of Earth; Shivansh meaning Lord Shiva's Part or Factor.

Popular Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with S with Meaning

Shubham Winner, Religious, and Auspicious, Lucky. Hindu
Shreyansh Fame; Fame Giver and Lucky; Goddess of Earth Hindu
Shivansh Lord Shiva's Part or Factor Hindu
Sanjay Victory; Lord Shiva; Dhritarashtra's Charioteer; Triumphant; Caring Hindu
Sumit Good Friend; Well Measured; A Good Friend Hindu
Sonu Pure Gold Hindu
Sandeep Light; Shine; A Lighted Lamp; Beatiful; Male Hindu
Shivam Auspicious, Lord Shiva, Favorable Hindu
Sachin Pure; Existence; Lord Indra; Lord Shiva Hindu
Sanju Hanuman; Similar to Sanjay Hindu
Soham Lord Brahmha; The Presence of Divinity of Each Soul; Breath; I am Hindu
Shaurya Brave or Fame; Bravery Hindu
Sunil very blue from Sanskrit सु (su) "very" combined with नील (nila) "dark blue". Hindu
Saurabh Sun; A Light of Success; Gentle Smell; Fragrance Hindu
Sohan Good Looking Hindu
Souvik Magician Hindu
Sayan Precious Friend; Companion Hindu
Sai Flower; Everywhere; Ishwar; Lord Shiva; Sai Baba; Swami Hindu
Saurav Sweet Smell; Fragrance; Divine; Celestial Hindu
Suman well-disposed, good mind, derived from the Sanskrit prefix सु (su) "good" and मनस (manas) "mind". Hindu
Sarthak Heart; Well Done Hindu
Simba Lion; Leonine Hindu
Suresh The Lord Sun; Lord Shiva; Lord Indra; The Ruler of the Gods Hindu
Suryansh Part of Sun Hindu
Sushant God; Quiet Hindu
Suraj born of the gods in Sanskrit. Hindu
Satyam Honesty Hindu
Sagar Wise One; From the Sagebrush Plant; Surname; Sea; Ocean; Pond; Name of the 2nd Chakravarti Hindu
Satish lord of Sati from the name of the Hindu goddess SATI combined with ईश (isha) "ruler". Hindu
Sujal Affectionate; Pure Water Hindu
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Hindu boy names starting with S - Hindu parents choose their child's name very seriously, as religious traditions and family customs play an important role in this decision. Many Hindus are named after gods and goddesses, or with divine attributes, and some children are named in honor of family members. Names that represent strong character traits, mythological figures, aspects of nature, and celestial objects are more common. More recently, celebrity names have become commonplace.

The meaning of the name is very important for Hindus. Parents often refer to the horoscope to determine the nature of their personality when their child grows up. This helps them to choose the appropriate name that matches the child's birth star.

To name a baby, a puja or havan is performed and the gods are prayed to bless the child. Water is poured on the child's forehead, and the father whispers the chosen name in the child's right ear. Usually, a child is given only a regular first name, but sometimes a middle name is also given. According to the date and time of the child's birth, a special letter of the Sanskrit alphabet associated with the solar birth sign (Surya Rashi) has been chosen which will be lucky for the child. Then the child starting with this letter is given a name.

Hindu boy names starting with S- On this page, you can get a variety of Hindu baby boy names starting with alphabet S. Hamariweb has gathered all the popular names of S alphabet to provide ease to all Hindu parents looking for unique names for their boy. S complete guide with name is also provided related to all the important factors of names.

How are the people whose name starts with S?

People whose names begin with S-Letters are born leaders and succeed in every area of life. People whose names begin with the letter S are considered extremely loyal. They are not only romantic but also very natural. Whatever is in their heart is also in their tongue.


Sohan is one of my favorite name .. its meaning is so impressive and there is very easy way to find any name meaning

Thu 18 Feb, 2021

I m sonu is my real name sanjeet is nick name thank you

Sonu sanjeet
Thu 07 Jan, 2021

Mine name is SHAHIL

Shahil verma
Mon 19 Oct, 2020

Su is name

Tue 04 Aug, 2020

Sunil means, person who evolvo slowly than normal people of same age. Person who said a thing in debate and later on thinks that I should have say this not that. Person who gets easily angry. Person Who has not vision of life. Person Who Prioritize family requirement. Person Who Try to control alll the thinks. Person Who is true and fair. Person Who has Dare. Person Jo Kisi se darta nhi hai. Person Who Comes from Poor background.

Tue 04 Aug, 2020

It is my name

Tue 04 Aug, 2020

Savya was a surname in my family ancestry which was shortened to Savy . I am looking for its origin place in India and also Russia

DM Ifould
Tue 07 Jul, 2020

Its my name Its unique so queries to know the meaning of my name

Thu 18 Jun, 2020

Now u can easily search the Shivansh name meaning from here .. it is very easy way to search any name meaning .

Thu 23 Apr, 2020

please give me name list

Sat 14 Dec, 2019

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