Hindu Boy Names Starting with N

Hindu Boy Names Starting with N - Find the unique & popular baby Hindu sanskrit boys names starting with N with Hindi & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Hindu boy names starting with N for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number. Meaning of top Hindu Boy Names Starting with N includes Nitin meaning Master of the Right Path; New; Owner of the Truth Way; Nitesh meaning Master of the Right Path; Krishana; True Warrior; Mightiest Lord; Nikhil meaning whole, entire in Sanskrit..

Popular Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with N with Meaning

Nitin Master of the Right Path; New; Owner of the Truth Way Hindu
Nitesh Master of the Right Path; Krishana; True Warrior; Mightiest Lord Hindu
Nikhil whole, entire in Sanskrit. Hindu
Naksh Feature; Head Hindu
Nik Lord; Abbreviation of Nicholas; Mythological; People's Victory; Champion; Good; Victorious People; Diminutive of Dominick Hindu
Nilesh Krishna; Blue God Hindu
Nitish Master of the Right Path; Krishana; True Warrior; Mightiest Lord; Night Light Hindu
Neil Champion; Blue; Like a Horn Hindu
Nivaan Holy Hindu
Naman Salutation Hindu
Naitik Regular; Ethical Hindu
Nirvaan Ultimate Bliss Hindu
Niam Law; Rule Hindu
Nayan Eye Hindu
Naresh Lord of Man; The King Hindu
Niladri Blue Mountain Hindu
Narendra lord of men from Sanskrit नर (nara) "man" combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA, used here to mean "lord". Hindu
Nish Cute Hindu
Nishan Miracles; Symbol Hindu
Niranjan Simple; Name of a River; The Night of the Full Moon; Lord Shiva; Flawless Hindu
Nishal God Shiva; Lord Shiva; No End Hindu
Nishad Seventh Note on Indian Musical Scale Hindu
Nehal The One who is Gratified; Neh means Love; Rainy; Beautiful; Handsome Hindu
Nitin ethical, moral in Sanskrit. Hindu
Nishant No Mark; Silent; Dawn Hindu
Nazneen Beautiful; Glorious Hindu
Nil Heaven Hindu
Nikesh The God; Man who Save People; Lord Vishnu Hindu
Nakul Name of One of the Pandavas; Lord Shiva Hindu
Nilay Heaven; Home; No Half Hindu
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The name is an individual's identity that stays with an individual till life. Every parent tries to name their child with a unique name as unique worth in every manner of life. Some parents even more specific with the starting letter when it comes to naming a baby. A large variety of Hindu boy names starting with N can be easily found. This page is designed for all Hindu parents who live in Pakistan or anywhere in the world, here you can find the names of Hindu boys starting with the letter N. Rashi also plays an important role in naming a child in Hinduism. It is difficult for every parent to name their child alphabetically, which must be unique. To help with this difficult situation, we are taking here a huge collection of Hindu boy names starting with N. Find the unique Indian boy name starting with N.

N letter is a common letter and hundred o boy names are starting with N are mentioned. Parents can easily seek guidance for finding the latest boy names with N letters. Hamariweb has developed this page to create ease in search of baby names in these precious moments of life. Just go through the entire page and select the best Hindu boy name starting with N for your little angle. If you want to see names starting with other names, you can see them on the relevant letter pages. Check out all the names mention here that starts with the N alphabet.


This name is very Simple and unique name i like this name .. its an Indian actor name

Fri 07 Aug, 2020

If you want to find your name meaning.. you can search here and get easily

Thu 11 Jun, 2020

Neil ka guru kon hote h aur iska vistar kya h 2020kaisa hoga

Neil sah
Thu 26 Dec, 2019


Subhalina das
Tue 01 Oct, 2019

nikshay name meaning details

Sun 11 Aug, 2019


Wed 26 Jun, 2019

Muje mera name ka MATLAB Jan hai

Nishikanta paul
Tue 30 Apr, 2019

my foi (father's sister) has suggested this lucky name when I was only 5 days old.

Sun 18 Nov, 2018

soul soothing

Tue 18 Sep, 2018

Bhavisya Kya he

Nimansh prajapat
Tue 14 Aug, 2018

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