Hindu Boys Names Starting with J

Baby Hindu Boys Names Starting with J - Find the unique & popular baby Hindu Boys Names Starting with J with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Hindu Boys Names Starting with J for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Top Ranks Boy Names Start with J
Jatin Saintly; Matted Hair
Jayas One who Win Everything
Justin Good Think; Clever; Just; Upright; Righteous; True; Judicious; Fair
Johar Master; Salute
Jaspree One who Loves to Sing Praises of the Lord
Johan The Lord is Gracious
Jasleen Absorbed in Singing God's Praises
Jigar Heart

Hindu Boys Names Starting with J

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Hindu Boy Names Starting with J - Find beautiful and unique names of Boy with alphabet J. Browse huge list of Hindu baby Boy names with alphabet J along with all information. Good luck in hunting suitable name for your baby starting with "J". Complete list of Hindu baby names starting with letter J. Checkout Newly & Popular names by alphabets at Hamariweb.com

Reviews on Names

Jaiver ke hobbies

Jaiveer , Chirawa Thu 14 Feb, 2019


gianelle janic primo imbrecht , cartagena Mon 11 Feb, 2019

mera jitin h

jitin , Delhi Tue 22 Jan, 2019

Jenil meaning beautiful lady, femme..

Jenil , Paris Sun 28 Jan, 2018

MEANING OF name Jyan / Jyaan ज्ञान- Knowledge, wisdom, conscience ज्ञ= ज् + य् + अ so it should be pronounced as " jya " not gya. But lot of people mispronounce ज्ञ as gya

Vishal Khatri , delhi Fri 07 Jul, 2017

Love this name too... named my son born 2017 Jaymen....

Paul , Norfolk Sat 27 May, 2017

Love this name... just named my beautiful boy born 2017.

London , Uk Sat 25 Mar, 2017

imroz is my one of friend name she is really cute and she has really nice nature I really like it. This name is used for both boy and girl.

amrozia , jehlum Mon 17 Oct, 2016

There is not past, there is no future, both of these aspects are unknown and beyond the grip of human perception, but there is only present, and thats what makes sense to it.

noman , islambad Mon 17 Oct, 2016

jabari is the beautiful name it is the name of my long term cousin and I have copied his name as my nick one because really like this name

tania , karachi Mon 17 Oct, 2016