Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with J

Hindu Boy Names Starting with J - Find the unique & popular baby Hindu sanskrit boys names starting with J with Hindi & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Hindu boy names starting with J for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number. Meaning of top Hindu Boy Names Starting with J includes Jatin meaning Saintly; Matted Hair; Jitendra meaning He Defeated Indra; Lord of Conquerors; Jayesh meaning Winner of a Game; Victor.

Popular Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with J with Meaning

Jatin Saintly; Matted Hair Hindu
Jitendra He Defeated Indra; Lord of Conquerors Hindu
Jayesh Winner of a Game; Victor Hindu
Jayas One who Win Everything Hindu
Jay Blue Jay; He who Supplants; The Lord is Salvation; Victory; Blue Crested Bird; A Bird in the Crow Family; Win Hindu
Justin Good Think; Clever; Just; Upright; Righteous; True; Judicious; Fair Hindu
Jigar Heart Hindu
Johan The Lord is Gracious Hindu
Johar Master; Salute Hindu
Jaan Life; Soul; God is Gracious Hindu
Jiyaan Near Heart; Always Happy Hindu
Joy Happiness; Rejoicing Hindu
Jeet Victory; Win; Success Hindu
Jubin Honorable; Righteous Hindu
Jaspreet One who Loves to Sing Praises of the Lord Hindu
Jash Victory; Fame Hindu
Jignesh Curiosity to Research Hindu
Jeevansh Part of Soul Hindu
Jannat Swarg Hindu
Jain Obeying Jainism Hindu
Jagdish ruler of the world from Sanskrit जगत (jagat) "world" and ईश (isha) "ruler". Hindu
Jayanta Victorious; Lord Vishnu Hindu
Jovan Youth Hindu
Jai Variant of Names Like Jason and Jacob; Victory; Conqueror; A Kind of Flute; Defeater; The Victorious One; Victorious Hindu
Jiten God of Victory Hindu
Jenil Good Man Hindu
Jaksh Lord of Kuber Hindu
Jeetu Always Winner Hindu
Jitu Who Always Win Hindu
Jaydeep Victory to the Light Hindu
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HINDU BOYS NAMES STARTING WITH J - Hinduism is a religion where names are considers an important factor in one’s life. It is also believed that a proper name is a child's lasting connection to their ancient heritage. Picking an appropriate name isn't as simple as it looks. Every parent searches a lot of names before finalizing anyone for their child, as it is considered as an important part of the personality.

Whenever a couple gets the blessing of a baby, the primary responsibility of every parent is to convey the most effective potential name to their kid. For this purpose parents started searching some unique names for their kids even before their birth. Everyone knows names have significant power to mould or develop a personality.

Every parent tries to search the most meaningful name for their baby. Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions and has its norms and culture to name a baby. Hindu people strictly follow their norm while naming a baby and organize a gathering called ‘Namekaran” where they announce the name of their baby. They usually name their child over celebrities as they have high regard for Bollywood celebs. It is also observed that naming a baby over their God’s name is also quite trending about Hindu parents.

All the Hindu people looking for unique, popular and meaningful names can find such quality names here. This page is developed to fulfil the needs of every parent regarding the names.

HINDU BOYS NAMES STARTING WITH J- A huge variety of names starting with the alphabet J can be easily found here. This page is managing all the requirements of names related to Hindu culture starting with J. A complete guide related to Hindu boy names starting with J can be found here with compact information related to gender, origin, meaning and lucky number.


This name is unique and popular .. i like this name and i get all detail about this name from here

Fri 07 Aug, 2020

I hear this name first in Indian Drama Serial .. now this name is very common and popular

Fri 24 Jul, 2020

Jaiver ke hobbies

Thu 14 Feb, 2019


gianelle janic primo imbrecht
Mon 11 Feb, 2019

mera jitin h

Tue 22 Jan, 2019

Jenil meaning beautiful lady, femme..

Sun 28 Jan, 2018

MEANING OF name Jyan / Jyaan ज्ञान- Knowledge, wisdom, conscience ज्ञ= ज् + य् + अ so it should be pronounced as " jya " not gya. But lot of people mispronounce ज्ञ as gya

Vishal Khatri
Fri 07 Jul, 2017

Love this name too... named my son born 2017 Jaymen....

Sat 27 May, 2017

Love this name... just named my beautiful boy born 2017.

Sat 25 Mar, 2017

imroz is my one of friend name she is really cute and she has really nice nature I really like it. This name is used for both boy and girl.

Mon 17 Oct, 2016

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