Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with W

Hindu Boy Names Starting with W - Find the unique & popular baby Hindu sanskrit boys names starting with W with Hindi & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Hindu boy names starting with W for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number. Meaning of top Hindu Boy Names Starting with W includes Waryam meaning The Brave One; Wasan meaning Idol; Wakil meaning Lawyer.

Popular Hindu Indian Boy Names Starting with W with Meaning

Waryam The Brave One Hindu
Wasan Idol Hindu
Wakil Lawyer Hindu
Walden From the Wooden Valley; Powerful; Abbreviation of Oswald; Child of the Forest Valley Hindu
Waman Short Hindu
Walad Father Hindu
Wat Hurdle; People of Power or Army of Power Hindu
Wail Returner Hindu
Wadi Calm; Peaceful Hindu
Wafir Plenty Hindu
Wadee Calm Hindu
Wafid Sky Hindu
Walia -- Hindu
Wisnu God of Preserver Hindu
Wuar Fire Hindu
Wedant Same as Vedanta Hindu
Wiplove War Hindu
Wikki -- Hindu
Wamika God Hindu
Wyconda Beautiful Stranger Hindu
Wyaat Warrior Hindu
Warwaha -- Hindu
Warinder Lord of the ocean Hindu


Hindu boy names starting with W - The names of Hindu babies are a popular choice among Hindu families. There are certain religious traditions associated with finding and naming a newborn right after birth. Later, in Hindu families who want to name their child traditionally, parents consult a Pandit. The pandit prepares the child's astrological chart using the child's date, place, and time of birth. Based on the child's astrology chart, the pundit suggests a letter or letters that are considered good to start with the baby's name.

According to Hindu astrology, children are named after letters that are determined by the time of their birth and money. Nowadays, after searching for letters, parents start looking for new, unique, and up-to-date names. Names related to nature are also popular among Hindu boy names and some earthly meanings are beautiful.

This page has a collection of so many baby boys' names beginning with alphabet W with the meaning of the name. As per astrology the symbol of a name beginning with alphabet W is a chariot, temple. This alphabet is protected by Brahma. The ruling planet of letter W is Venus and tattva is earth and Rashi of this letter is Vrishabha (Taurus) denoted by a bull. This letter has a Gemini zodiac sign in western culture but it depends on the birth time and location.

Hamariweb is aiming to provide ease for everyone looking for Hindu Boys Names with alphabet W. Every detail related to can be found at a single platform. Here a huge variety of names can be found that start with the alphabet W as well as others.

Hindu boy names starting with W- Find the unique name of a boy with an alphabet W. Browse a large list of Hindu baby boy names with complete meaning, lucky number, gender, etc. Hamariweb is providing an excellent opportunity for all Hindu parents to select amazing names for their baby boy.


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